Our mission is simple: 

We want women to carry condoms.

Our mission at Lovability Inc. is to empower women to take responsibility for their sexual health. We've re-introduced condoms to women as a positive symbol of self-love: because a woman who loves herself makes her sexual health a priority.


By overhauling the traditional packaging, messaging, and distribution model of condoms, we've created a condom brand intended to fit seamlessly into a woman's lifestyle so that she feels more comfortable acquiring, carrying, and providing the condoms.


Why? We were shocked and upset when we realized that 1 in 4 women in the United States suffer from an STD. Through research we discovered that if more women are prepared with condoms, rates of STD contraction will decrease substantially. But if condoms are an available and effective resource, why aren't more women prepared with them?


After digging deep into this issue, we learned that the masculine and dominant stereotypes surrounding condoms make women less likely to carry them and provide them when needed. Condoms have taken on a stigmatized, hyper-sexualized connotation that women don't necessarily want to associate with. Lovability Condoms are ultra premium male condoms that any gentleman would approve of, but they are uniquely meant for a woman to provide. We firmly believe that together, we can de-stigmatize condoms, stop STDs in their tracks, and celebrate the empowerment that comes from being prepared!